Meat Sales

We provide local, grass-fed lamb and beef for restaurants, caterers, and individuals in Mendocino and Sonoma counties. All of our animals enjoy a grass-fed, organic diet which results in a better product. Since our animals are well taken care of and enjoy the best diet possible, the meat tastes better and is more tender.

Our animals are well taken care of throughout their lives. They have a fully organic diet, with no grains or concentrates. They are not subjected to any hormones or antibiotics. Any animal that is treated for an illness is removed from our program. We focus on raising cows, sheep, and pigs in a natural setting in sync with Mother Nature. Our lambing and calving happen at the same time as animals in nature. Again, we harvest cattle when the grasslands are mature, for optimal flavor and in conjunction with natural patterns. Harvest periods are between May through September, depending on the rainfall. We sell seasonally to those looking for the highest quality meat.

We raise our animals like this because we believe in ethical and responsible living on the land. Leland’s family has been raising cattle in this area for generations. We continue to carry on that tradition in much the same way.

All organic beef, pork, and lamb sales can be picked up at Trinks in Gualala, who exclusively sells our meat in smaller cuts. If you are interested in wholes, halves, and quarters, please contact us for availability and pricing. Whole and half animals can be custom cut to your specific needs. These orders can be delivered throughout Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.

The meat never leaves Sonoma County until it’s delivered. The animals are raised, harvested, and sold here. For restaurants looking for hyper-local ingredients of the finest quality, our meat fits the bill.