We provide comprehensive land management services for private and public lands. No matter the project, we are focused on responsible and ethical development that reduces the risk of fire and promotes biodiversity. We work with LTOs, CalFire, Licensed RPFs, mapping and aerial surveyors, and geologists towards this goal. Our operation currently manages 12,000 acres of grassland, timberland, and agricultural lands.  

Some of our services include:

  • Prescriptive grazing
  • Mechanical vegetation management
  • Agricultural development – dirt work, regenerative and organic agriculture
  • Road maintenance and networks
  • Water systems – drainage issues, pond maintenance
  • Fences – build, repair, and maintenance
  • Work with the EQIP program through government contracts to create fuel breaks
  • General ranch/estate maintenance

Our owner, Leland Falk, is committed to responsible land management. He is a Licensed Timber Operator (LTO) who has worked with multiple private and public stakeholders in large-scale fire reduction and vegetation management using both livestock grazing and heavy equipment. He has worked with the state of California under government contracts on several projects.

Most clients are long-term multi-year contracts that rely on Falk Livestock and Land Management for continued fire hazard reduction and habitat restoration in the counties of Sonoma and Mendocino. For the last 16 years, Leland has been responsible for a herd of over 300 sheep that graze the Sea Ranch Homeowner’s Association property, reducing fire fuel, encouraging native plant and butterfly species to return to the area, and delighting the residents.

If you are a large ranch or estate owner, contact Falk Livestock and Land Management to discuss what services your property needs. We use local resources to ensure the highest quality workmanship; for example, when we build a fence for a property we utilize sustainably harvested timber from Leland’s family business in Sonoma County. Our local resources and connections make us an excellent source for a variety of land services. If we can’t do it, we are happy to take on the project and find someone who can.

Photo credit: John Michael Bond