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dedicated to ethical and responsible land management

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Everything we do – custom grazing services, fire hazard reduction, habitat restoration – is based on this foundational value. We have a deep respect for the land and strive to work in sync with Mother Nature in all that we do.

Leland Falk, our founder, is a fifth-generation rancher from Stewarts Point, CA. His mother’s family, the Richardsons, settled the area in the late nineteenth century. They have been ranching timber and cattle ever since. Leland grew up loving animals, livestock, and the land. He has a passion for regenerative and holistic ranch management which he continuously researches and promotes. This knowledge helps him as he works with different organizations to encourage biodiversity and restore natural habitats in Northern California. He has years of experience in regenerative grazing, property management and maintenance, and innovative ranching. He has worked with a variety of public and private lands over the last 15 years including:

We manage large-scale projects in habitat restoration, regenerative agriculture, and fire hazard reduction. To that end, we use livestock grazing and/or mechanical measures to minimize fire fuel. We also offer extensive property maintenance and management for large ranches, including fences, roadways, water systems, dirt work, and more.

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