Fire Prevention Tree Management

Northern California has been plagued by fires in recent years. Lack of rain and hot weather has created an abundance of fuel that can spark in dry, windy conditions. A key tool in fire prevention is tree management. Dead snags and overgrown, dry branches create ladder fuel that can easily burn. By relying on professionals to effectively manage vegetation and create defensible space, you can mitigate the risk of fire and damage to structures on your property.

Falk Livestock and Land Management specializes in fire hazard reduction and fuel management services to create defensible space on properties of 5 acres and larger.

Our operation is led by Leland Falk, a Licensed Timber Operator (LTO) with experience coordinating with public agencies and private estate owners in large-scale tree cutting and vegetation management for fire prevention. This includes prescriptive grazing, heavy equipment tree trimming, removing dead trees, and creating fuel breaks. Our operation currently manages 12,000 acres of grassland, timberland, and agricultural lands. We are experienced in creating plans and executing work surrounding tree trimming, shaded fuel breaks, mechanical vegetation management, chipping, mowing, tree removal, excavation, and general ranch/estate maintenance.

Our projects range from using a herd of 300 sheep at the Sea Ranch Homeowner’s Association for grazing to working with heavy machinery under the EQIP program with the state of California for tree cutting for fire prevention. The County of Sonoma has announced millions of dollars from the PG&E settlement will be allocated to vegetation management. We are available to work on these government-led efforts through vegetation management grants as well as with private landowners. 

We know that as stewards of the land, tree care is important for the health of the environment and as a fire prevention service. Keep your land healthy and reduce risk of fire with professional tree management and tree trimming.

Falk Livestock and Land Management offers free fire prevention consultations for properties in Lake County, Mendocino County, and Napa County.